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Work with or contact Cody

How do I contact Cody?

You can contact me at I usually respond in 24-72 hours. If you’re a client use the client only priority email address you have or my client text number.

Can I work with Cody one on one?

Yes, you can, go to the coaching page here on or if you have another project you want to work on email us thru the contact form. Click HERE  for the coaching page

Can I interview Cody?

Really depends on my schedule at the time of the request but we have an interview request form here on CLICK HERE

Will Cody come to my event?

Maybe, to have me speak at your event go to the speaking page, ——> To attend the event send us an email

Will Cody invest in my business?

Depends but not usually. I’m not an investor, I’m an entrepreneur. I have invested in a few companies.
However, when I do that I usually buy a stake in the company and am actually involved. Again being an entrepreneur I know my best investment is myself. That said I always keep an open mind. So if you have something you want us to look at send it over.

Why will Cody not respond on social media?

The short answer is I will. Youtube, Instagram, eMails, I have lots of incoming so to respond to it all is just not possible. I DO NOT RUN MY COMPANY SOCIAL MEDIA. My team runs ALL of my company social media accounts. We have several accounts for my companies and brands. I personally run none of them. The best way to get a response is right after I post something, for example, a Youtube video. After I post and comments start coming in I try and answer a bunch. That said they keep coming, I have videos 2,3,4 years old that still get comments daily. I don’t respond as often to those but I still do when I can. Keep in mind my assistant goes thru them all and we use STRONG spam and troll filters. Jamie keeps my comments clean by deleting all the trolls and spam. Thanks, Jamie!

General Question

Is Cody hiring?

Nope, not officially. HOWEVER! We are always looking for talent. If you want to work with us, show us what you have to offer. Talk is cheap and 100% of the people who want to work with me don’t tell me, they show me. Let us know about your skill set, impress us with your talent and then we will talk.

Can I Play Poker With Cody?

Well Maybe, first off I play in the Mecca, Las Vegas most of the time but Also LA, Arizona and Texas as well. You might see me around and if you do say hi. We may end up at the same table. I do play in several private games so depending on your skill level and bankroll you may be able to play. ( I Do Not Host Games) I only play in private games that are casino hosted or hosted by people I personally know. ( I Will Not Attend Home Games) Please No Solicitations.

Can I come visit Cody at his office or warehouse?

We are not open to the public, HOWEVER! I love meeting entrepreneurs. They are my favorite people after all. If you are going to be in the Las Vegas area, let us know. I do travel a lot and can NEVER accommodate short notice but we hold a handful of small meetups in Las Vegas each year. Both in and out of the office so maybe.

How do I rest my password for one of Cody’s courses?

Depends on the course. They all have a forgot password on the login page. If you are still stuck contact my assistant Jamie and she will assist you.

How do I mail something to Cody?

Cody Hawk
3870 E Flamingo RD STE A2 PMB #119 Las Vegas Nevada, 89121

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